CA Residential Sample Agreements/Disclosures

Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Regard Relationship (C.A.R Form AD)- When you enter into a discussion with a real estate agent regarding a real estate transaction, you should from the outset understand what type of agency relationship or representation you wish to have with agent in the transaction.

Possible Representation of More Than One Buyer or Seller- Disclosure and Consent (C.A.R Form PRBS)- A real estate broker (Broker), whether a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, may represent more than one buyeror seller. This multiple representation can occur through an individual licensed as a broker or salesperson or through different individual broker's or salespersons (associate licensees) acting under the Broker's license. The associate licensees may be working out of the same or different office locations.

CA Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (C.A.R. Form RPA-CA)- Submitting an offer on a listing of interest. Offering price and terms.

CA Residential Listing Agreement (C.A.R. form RLA)- The listing price and terms to make available on the market.

Buyer Inspection Advisory (C.A.R. Form BIA)- The physical condition of the land and improvements being purchased is not guaranteed by either Seller or Brokers. You have an affirmative duty to exercise reasonable care to protect yourself, including discovery of the legal, practical and technical implications of disclosed facts, and the investigation and verification of information and facts that you know or that are within your diligent attention and observation.