First Time Home Buyers- to take advantage of the benefits that VA Loans offer there are a couple key steps that must be taken to make sure that you qualify. To qualify for a VA Loan, you must have served 181 days during peacetime, or 90 days during times of war. Additionally, you will qualify if you served 6 years in the National Guard or Reserves. Furthermore, if you are the widow of someone who died in the line of duty, you will also qualify. The paperwork needed to qualify for a VA Loan is as follows:

1. A Certificate of Eligibility or the VA Form 26-1880 must be obtained and filed with your lender to make sure you qualify for the loan.

2. You must also submit a copy of your DD214, or discharge paperwork, to the lender. Only veterans who have been honorably discharged may qualify for a VA Loan.

Request for Eligibility

VA Home Loans- are federally backed loans available to veterans who have served Our Country as well as active military members. VA Loans offer a number of key benefits, which could make it the right choice for you when shopping for your new home.

√  No down-payment is required.
√  Borrowers often get a lower interest rate.
√  Lower monthly payment since.
√  VA Loans don't require the additional expenses of private mortgage insurance (PMI).
√  Regulated closing costs
√  No upper limit on the income of the borrower
√  Prepayment of loan without incurring prepayment penalties.
√  Mortgage can be assumed by another buyer if you decide to sell during the term of your loan.
√  Easier to qualify for a VA Loan than other types of home loans if you have less than perfect   credit.
√  If your home is brand new, the builder must offer you a one year warranty guaranteeing that it   is up to VA codes and specifications.